Hi Readers,

As you have probably noticed I’m not a prolific blogger. In truth I actually find it difficult to come up with new posts and I don’t even know how to upload photos or even how to make an attractive home page however….

If I’m anything it’s persistent and always looking to improve and learn. I will get the hang of this and in time even make it a most desirable page. Bear with me.

Today I’d like to share with you that I’m seeking collaboration with anyone out there who cares about helping people, who understands that conventional medications do more harm to the body in the long term and who knows about pain, both on the body and in the pocket. You may just be curious. That’s fine as well.  If you are enterprising, committed to living the best life you can; if your boss pays you not what you’re worth but what he thinks you’re worth; if within 5 years from now your job will not bring you any closer to fulfilling your dreams, let me know . I have some interesting business opportunities.

That’s it for this time. What shall we talk about next time? Let me know if there is anything this old grandma can talk about that would interest you.

See you soon


Are you a pioneer and a visionary?

If you are a pioneer and a visionary and love to help people I am looking for you!

Network marketing scares a lot of people. I know because I was one of them! I have learned over the past few months that network marketing can not only change your financial situation for the better but an even greater benefit is the personal growth element.

I have had so many insights that I’m on overload. Did you know:

1. Your mind can not entertain 2 thoughts simultaneously? When a negative thought enters your mind you give off negative energy and get stuck in a rut. Replacing your negative thought with a positive one immediately gets your endorphins active which in turn activate happiness and influence success.

2. Create a mood board for success and the subliminal messages will influence your daily actions towards success.


If you want to hear more you are welcome to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.


Happy Chanukka

Dear readers,

It’s Chanukka, my favorite holiday of the year and probably my favorite food as well.

Latkes! Simple rustic food but the best comfort food ever.

Peel and grate 4 medium sized potatoes.

Squeeze out the liquid.

Add 1-2 eggs (depending on size)

1-2 TBL flour.

Heat oil in frying pan (this is not for the feint hearted). Fill pan at least 1/3.

Make patties with spoon and drop into oil. Flatten and spread with spoon

Fry until golden brown on each side.

Serve with a generous dollop of sour cream. There are some who serve with applesauce I am not one.


מזון למחשבה

תחילה דיברנו על מזון לנפש. לאחר מכן דיברנו על מזון  טעכשיו המזון השלישי. מזון למחשבה (זה בעצם תרגום מן האנגלית ). מקווה שמבינים

לפני זמן קצר הצטרפתי לאירגון חדש במטרה להגדיל את ההכנסה החודשית ואיזה הפתעה כאשר הבנתי שהרווח שלי הוא מעל ומעבר לכסף! לפני שממשיכים אני רוצה להבהיר באופן חד משמעי – מאמר זה איננו – בשום אופן – ניסיון לגיוס!!!! בשום אופן. המטרה היחידה כאן הוא לשת, אתכם בפריצות דרך אישיות שלי ממקור שלא הייתי מאמינה בשום הקשר היה יכול לגעת בזה. כל זה אוות לעדי , ראש הקבוצה שלי

עדי היא בראש וראשונה קואצ’רית ולמזלי הרב היא גם ראש הקביצה אילה אני משתייכת. מדי שבוע יש לנו וובינרים (שיחות קבוצתיות בהנחייתה של עדי) בהם מוצגים כל פעם נושא אחר. המוצר (שהוא נפלא כדרך אגב), שיטת תגמול וכ”ד. הפלה ופלה בכל שבוע אני מקבלת שיעור לחיים שלי! בנוסף להצגת האירגון עדי גם שמה דגש על התפתחות כל אחד בקבוצתה באופן אישי להיות הכי טוב שהוא יכול להיות כאדם! אין שבוע שאני לא פורצת דרך בצדדים שאינם קשורים לוובינר. כפי שציינתי בכתבה הראשונה שלי , אני סובלת ממחלת הדכאון. אם לא התרופות אני לא יודעת איפה הייתי היום. מאז הוובינרים של עדי אני כבר במקום אחר. אני מחייכת, שמחה וממתינה משבוע לשבוע לדעת מע עוד אלמד על עצמי. גיליתי, לדוגמא, שכל חיי אני עיקבתי את הצלחתי בכל תחום בו התנסיתי. הבנתי, בגיל 66, שזה היה מתוך פחד שיגלו שמאחורי האישה המצליחה אין כלום! איזה עוצמה בילוי הכז! איזה כוח!. אני היום מתיחלה לאהוב את עצמי – דבר שמעולם לא חשתי. אני מתחזקת באימונה שאני ראוייה להצלחה. איזה מס ערך מוסף במקום כל כך לא צפוי! שום דבר לא קורה סתם! הצתרפתי מתי שהצתרפתי ולאן שהצתרפתי כי עכשיו הוא הזמן שלי לצמוח ולגדול. אני מאחלת לכם לחוות חוויות כה חיוביות בחיים שלכם. בזמן שהקדוש ברוך הוא הקציב לי אני יודעת עכשיו בוודאות שאני אפרח ואהיה לאור לזולת!

אני מאושרת

Food for thought

Dear readers,

As promised this blog would include food in 3 categories. We covered food for stomach and soul and now it’s time for thought.

I recently joined a new organization which captivated me for a couple of reason. If while reading this post you may think it’ a recruitment post let me assure you IT IS NOT!!! I feel the need to share the amazing personal growth experiences I am having as a result which have nothing to do with the organization but rather with the blessing called Adi – my direct up line who happens also to be a life coach.

Here is the food for thought part – to my amazement I am being enriched in ways money can’t buy and I never thought at my age would be possible! I am going through a personal growth and transformation which was not part of the enrollment  and not something I ever considered to be part of the sales process. Let me explain. To my extreme luck my up line is a personal coach and mentor. We have weekly webinars for the whole group during which Adi explains products, remuneration and benefits with such enthusiasm and graciousness all the while coaching us and mentoring us to become the best we can be as people and I find myself thinking of the webinar all week. Dissecting, grasping thinking and comprehending – not about the organization or product ( which is amazing by the way) but about myself! I suffer from depression as I mentioned in my first post. Since joining and listening to Adi I am calmer and more upbeat. I have  a breakthrough each and every week. My gain is not from the profits of product sales nor from recruitment and building my own organization but from personal gain. I am learning to love myself and believe myself to be worthy of success! – this in and of itself is the most AMAZING transformation I have had in all my 66 years. To go from fear of success because it might shine a light on me causing people to see there is nothing there. ( in other words 0 self worth). If nothing else’ joining bought me a newer brighter future! and I am so grateful!!  I am on such a high (and no it’s not bi polarism). I’m high on life and loving it! I don’t think I have been so since I was 16 years old and I am now 66.

מרשם חדש

כתבתי מרשם באנגלית למאפה קל ופשוט . קצת קשה לי לחזור עליו בעברית  עם כל השגיעות כתיב שלי. אם משהוא מעוניין לקבל אותו שלחו לי מסר ואני אעשה את המיטב. כבל מקרה כדי לא לאחזב אני אכתוב את המוצרים בקצרה בתקווה שאת הוראות העשיה תדעו לבד.

1 חב’ בצק עלים

1 בצל בינוני חתוך לפרוסות קטנות

פטריות מעורבבות – 1 סלסלה

1 צ’ילי אדום קטן

2 פרוסות גבינה צהובה

לתגן את הבצל עם הפטריות ולהוסיף את הצילי (או פתיתי צ’ילי יבשים) לקראת סוף התיגון

להוסיף מלח ופלפל לפי הטעם


לפרוס את הבצק ולשים שורת מילוי בקצה. להניח את הגינה הצהובה למעלה לפני הגילגול. לגלגל ולאפות בתנור מחומם מראש ל170 מעלות למשך כ-40 דקות – תלוי בתנור.


Food for the soul

Hi readers

I promised I would have food for the soul as well as for thought and stomach so here it goes. I read the coffee grits of 3 friends lately. 2 were skeptic and 1 was not. The oddest thing is that in the cups of the skeptics I was able to see the most signs and messages and the one who was not had the cleanest cup and therefore hardest to find clues and signs. I know there is a message there somewhere but for the life of me I can’t figure it out. Can you?

new recipe

Hi everyone,

I promised you I would publish my newest recipe and here it is. Before I write out the ingredients and the instructions I want you all to know that this is great as a lunch or light supper. It’s so easy my grand kids can do it. For first timers or those scared of the kitchen – this is not a test! With this recipe you can make mistake, cut or slice like a newbie. You don’t have to impress anyone but your selves with the taste so here we go. (I’ll also be interjecting comments into the preparation instructions). The quantities I’ve written below will serve  4-6 people

These instructions are given especially for beginners so those of you who cook and don’t need the details – remember what it was like when you first began. Do still try it cause it’s soooooooooo good.


1 roll of puff pastry from super market

1 medium to large onion

variety of fresh mushrooms  like champignion, shitaki, portobello or even 2 small cans of canned, sliced champignion

1 small can of corn

4-6 slices of processed yellow cheese. Any kind will do fine. Up to you and your taste buds.

1 small chilli finely diced (if you are not able to finely dice I suggest using the chili flakes until after the first time when you can decide if the heat of big chunks or slices of chili agree with you) or chill flakes to taste

Salt & pepper

Can of spray oil

1 wok or non stick frying pan. If you have neither then a regular frying pan will do

Parchment paper


Leave puff pastry out to thaw while preparing.

Turn on over to preheat at 175 C or 325 F

Cut / slice onion. If you can slice it doesn’t matter the slices don’t have to be wafer thin, If you have a mandolin you can use it to aid you. If you have a nicer dicer or some gadget that dices into rather small pieces use that and if you only have yourself then very carefully and slowly dice or slice according to your capability!

If you are using a medley of fresh mushrooms wipe each one with a paper towel to clean but NEVER rinse in water. The also slice or dice these. Any size will do since they shrink in the pan. If you are using canned strain them and put aside for a couple of minutes,.

Heat the wok/pan (high hear) with either no oil or just a spray. If you are using a regular pan the add 2 tablespoons of canola oil (or any other vegetable oil). When the wok/pan is really hot very carefully add the onions and turn the heat down to medium. Add chili, salt, pepper and chili flakes if you aren’t using fresh chilies.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know how much salt and pepper to add always remember you can always add more but you can’t take it away once you’ve added. Add some (a little at a time) then taste. Repeat until you feel good about the taste. All the while remember to stir with wooden spoon or other wooden utensil so it doesn’t get burnt,

When the mushrooms and onions have sweated down and browned add the corn and stir for another minute.

Turn off the heat and leave to cool.

When cooled go to pastry and unwrap. Spread out the pastry (which should come ready to use – ask at the store) and cut in half (not lengthwise but across the mid section). One each piece of pastry place half of the fried ingredients onto the edge of the pastry (this time across the length of the piece you’ve cut) and place slices of the yellow cheese on top. (By the way if you have a preferred cheese like goat cheese that’s absolutely fine it may even be better). Begin to roll gently into a sausage. press down the ends (on either side) to prevent pastry from opening and spilling contents. Try to roll the sausage so the end lays over one lengthwise side (not on top and not on the bottom).

Take baking tray of any sort you have whether it be silicon, aluminum, or original oven try and lightly spray with a spray oil to hold down parchment paper which you place onto the tray. Now:

You can either bake both halves at this point or choose to refreeze 1 half in cling foil to be baked at another time.

Place the sausage carefully on the baking tray . Spray top with a hint of oil spray to give it a nice golden color when baking and put into the preheated over in the middle part. Bake anywhere from 35-50 minutes depending on your oven. Check from time to time to make sure it’s not burnt or close to. IMP – make sure the bottom is baked to a dark tan to ensure you won’t have a layer of raw pastry. The top layer should be golden brown.

Cut into wide slices and serve with hot tomato soup.(either home made or canned but please not the dry ones in a packet to which you add water ( YUK).

Enjoy and tell me what you think